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Current rep vacancies

A number of boards and committees across the county are looking for PPN representatives. Please click below for more information and for nomination form.

Current rep vancancies


Community Wellbeing Vision being developed for Nenagh Municipal District

The Tipperary PPN (Public Participation Network) is a collective of all the community, voluntary, social inclusion and environmental groups in Tipperary.  Established in 2014, the PPN provides the community voice on Tipperary County council committees.  It also runs training courses for member groups and shares information about funding and activities. Tipperary PPN is very excited to be part of the pilot community wellbeing project.

We are currently running community meetings in each Municipal district. What do we need for the wellbeing of the community of Nenagh area that is the question being posed by Tipperary PPN, and they want to hear from all the groups and organisations in this area. Developing a Vision for Community Wellbeing means thinking about what we have and what we need to help Nenagh MD to be as great as it can be for us and for the many generations that follow on from ours.

One thing everyone can agree on is that we would like our community to be the very best it can be. Tipperary PPN are delighted to be rolling out a new National Initiative on Community wellbeing. “Our wellbeing is affected by many things; the economy, the environment, services etc” explained Avril Wilson PPN Co-ordinator “and the wellbeing of the community affects everyone within it. We really want to hear from the groups and organisations on the ground and what is important to them”. Groups will also be able to feed in online. All this information will be brought together and be used to influence policy and guide the work of the PPN and its representatives in influencing policy and working towards achieving the community’s goals.

Getting involved and have your say!

The community consultation meeting for this area will take place on Tuesday, 21st January 2020 in Toomevara GAA, St Michael’s Park, Toomevara, Co. Tipperary from 6pm.

If you would like to find out more, or your community organisation would like to participate in the consultation on community wellbeing, please contact the PPN office on 0504 61014 or email

To register for the event visit

Nenagh MD Community Wellbeing Vision


Tipperary Public Participation Network (PPN) is a formal network. Its vision is to inform, strengthen and empower through participation, and to support the three pillars of Community, Social Inclusion and Environmental Groups to have their say in shaping local society. It provides a structure to facilitate the two way flow of information between the Local Authority and the Three Pillars, to influence plans and policies for the future development of Tipperary.


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