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Campaigning & Lobbying

What is campaigning and lobbying?

Campaigning and lobbying involves joining forces with other networks and communities for a cause in order to enact social or policy change on a local or national level.


In the community and voluntary sector, it is possible to be involved in campaigning & lobbying either directly or indirectly.


How can our organisation become involved?

To become involved in advocating for policy change indirectly, an organisation can link up with a national infrastructure organisation which is already involved in campaigning and lobbying on a national level, or a local membership organisation doing the same on a local level.


A list of national infrastructure organisations can be found in our resources section here.


To become directly involved in campaigning & lobbying, there are specific requirements for participating. All organisations involved in lobbying must create an account and register on the national Register of Lobbying. This system was brought in by the Lobbying Act 2015 and the website contains all legal guidelines for lobbying in Ireland.


At a very basic level, direct lobbying and campaigning requires an organisation to learn the legislation affecting your cause, deciding what policy changes your organisation would put forth in a campaign, back up your proposal with well thought out research, and gain backing from other groups to help make your  voice heard. PPN Tipperary has put together lists of links to think tanks and current government policy to help organisations getting involved in lobbying at a local or national level.


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