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Networking is important in the Community & Voluntary, Social Inclusion & Environmental Sectors for 3 main reasons:

  1. Lobbying and Campaigning
  2. Sharing Information, Learning from Others & Peer Support
  3. Advocacy & Representation


Lobbying and Campaigning

There is as the old saying goes, strength in numbers. The Non-Profit Sector in Ireland has a strong history of affecting change through collective action, while in recent times there is a move towards public demonstrations for causes of societal concern. Joining an established networ around your interests to strengthen that network and have a voice in a collective is a good way to start to campaign and lobby for issues that matter to you. Tipperary PPN is a very strong network of 1200 member organisations in Tipperary. We are also setting up themed Networks for our members to influence important policy at a County level, such as Disability and Ageing. Find other links to national organisations in our Resources section.


Sharing Information, Learning from Others & Peer Support

Networking offers an opportunity for staff, board members and volunteers of non-profit organisations to learn from each other and share their knowledge. This process often leads to best practice knowledge around particular areas of the sector. As this sector is often under-resourced, opportunities such as these for problem solving and peer support are important for all members of the organisation to take part in.


Advocacy & representation

Tipperary PPN is the recognised representative body for all Community & Voluntary, Social Inclusion & Environmental Sector organisations in the County. The PPN has been designated seats on County Council Committees to represent the minority voices in society that are often not represented through majority vote. So they sit alongside their County Councillor peers and other sectoral interests like Agriculture and Business representatives. It is not an easy job to be a representative so being part of a network of other representatives can be very supportive and help reps to understand their roles and challenges further, and most importantly come up with joint suggestions and actions on how to tackle these challenges together. Tipperary PPN has a Reps Network for the 45 PPN Representative Seats we hold on important strategic committees in the County.

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