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Tipperary PPN is a flat structure and is governed by all the members (aka ‘the Plenary’). In Tipperary we currently have over 1000 member organisations which make up our Plenary! So in order to run the PPN a committee type structure called a ‘Secretariat’ coordinates the PPN and communicates with all the organisations within the PPN in between large full member meetings (called Plenary meetings). The term ‘Secretariat’ is used instead of ‘committee’ because it doesn’t have as much decision-making powers as a committee, for example there is no chair or treasurer and decisions need to be made by consensus or vote.

The Secretariat is made up of members from the PPN’s three sectors: Community & Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental and from all 5 Municipal Districts (see more on these here). So that makes a total of 15 members on the Secretariat.

For a list of current Secretariat members click here

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