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Tipperary PPN’s Wellbeing Statement

 How we got there, together…

Step 1: Municipal District Meetings

  • Between October 2015 and January 2016 the PPN hosted a meeting in each Municipal District to:
  • Inform our members about what the PPN does
  • Informed our Members that we had to create a ‘Wellbeing Statement’ for the County
  • And Asked our Members: ‘What is the biggest priority issue to address wellbeing in your community?’
  • We got a lot of important feedback from each District
  • Also each of our members had the chance to win €200 for their group with the raffle ticket they brought along on the night which also asked: ‘What would you like your District PPN to do for your Organisation?’

All of this information was then collated into themes…


Step 2: Full Members Event (Plenary) May 2016

  • In May 2016 we divided the Plenary into Municipal District tables where all Members were given a sheet of all the collated themes that came from the previous District Meetings. The Values of the PPN were also on this sheet.
  • In Districts Members discussed:
    • What would your community look like in 2 years if these wellbeing concerns were addressed?


Step 3: Online Survey

For Members who couldn’t attend the earlier meetings an online survey asked our members:

  • ‘How do you imagine Tipperary will change/ improve because of the work of the PPN over the next 2 years?’
  • ‘What does the future look like for Tipperary with a successful PPN working together in the community?’
  • ‘What are the values that will ensure that this will be possible?’

The Secretariat also asked members in their Districts the same questions.


Step 4: Secretariat Workshops

  • In order to break down the findings into a succinct vision for the PPN a smaller group was needed.
  • As the Secretariat represent each Sector from each Municipal District they took on this task.
  • The PPN got an outside Facilitator (brief was circulated to all Members) to create a Vision Statement for Tipperary Public Participation Network that will guide us into the future.



Step 5: The Secretariat then arrived at Tipperary PPN’s Vision, Mission and Values Statement, also known as a Wellbeing Statement



Inform, Strengthen and Empower through Participation



The Wellbeing of our Communities will be enhanced through the facilitation of active participation, representation, capacity building and information sharing



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