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What is the Public Participation Network?


Tipperary Public Participation Network (PPN) is a network of organisations from the community & voluntary, social inclusion and environmental sectors in Tipperary.


Tipperary PPN is a ‘flat structure’ meaning that all members are equal and have an equal say in the running of their network. In order to enable this to happen the PPN ‘Secretariat‘ and team run large events, with consultations beforehand on important decisions to be made. This is normally done by voting at Full Member Events, also known as ‘Plenaries’. To find out when the next Plenary event is on check the newsletter┬áregularly.


10 great benefits of joining Tipperary PPN are:

  1. Networking and promotional opportunities at events and meetings.
  2. Free PR and advertising for your projects, events, etc. via the bi-weekly newsletter circulated to all 1200 member organisations in the County.
  3. Access free training opportunities for you and your organisation.
  4. The opportunity to attend information sessions and conferences on topics of interest.
  5. Receive information on available funding and grants.
  6. Keep in touch with other community & voluntary groups in the county with a similar focus.
  7. Receive regular mailings and updates from PPN members including Representative reports.
  8. The opportunity to influence and change local government policy and stay informed of local government plans and decisions for your area through consultations, PPN Linkage Groups and your PPN Representatives.
  9. The opportunity to work with the PPN’s Representatives who are responsible for pursuing issues through local committees, boards and steering groups or become one yourself!
  10. The opportunity to avail of a greatly reduced insurance premium through the Community & Voluntary Forum group insurance scheme.


Three main aims of Tipperary PPN are:

  1. To broaden representation and participation in Local Government from the Community & Voluntary, Environmental and Social Inclusion sectors, for example, as PPN Representatives on County Council Committees.
  2. To act as a hub for sharing information between member organisations. We do this through the bi-weekly newsletter that goes to all members in the County via email. This is also achieved through Municipal District Meetings and County level Full Member Events (aka Plenary Meetings). Members can join linkage groups to Committees for PPN Rep updates and you can also join themed networks, such as for disability and older people.
  3. To build the capacity of these sectors. For example, through building networks, providing training and information workshops in partnership with other organisations and degree programme BA in Business, Enterprise and Community Development.

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